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Specification: Using the high classical coconut shell as the raw material. The product has the bigger surface and the higher intensity etc. advantages. It has all kinds of specifications, such as : granule, little granule and powder carbon. At present, the coconut shell activated carbon has the best effect to purify the drinking water, get rid of the chlorine and deoxidize. It also can be used to the water purifying equipments, such as: water filter, core filtrate and so on. td width="17%" r
Coconut shell activated carbon is finely produced from imported coconut shell carbonized materials and is in a form of dark irregular pellets. Features : high spicific surface area ,strong adsorption ability ,adsorption speed, low content of impurities. Usages :It's widely applied invarious aspects of industrial and agricultural production,such as petrochemical industry non-alkali deodorization (s), ethylene desalting thiol off water (refined packing), catalyst carriers (palladium, platinum, rhodium, etc.), water purification and sewage treatment; In the food industr
Using high-quality coconut shell as the raw material, the product has unshaped breading carbon appearance, no toxicity and taste, large specific surface area, high mechanical strength, uniform and stable granularity and low impurity content. It can be widely used as catalyst carrier in high-purity gas or liquid and petrochemical industry as well as desulfuration and deodorization in petrochemical industry. Type Main Specification td wi
This product is made of the first classical coconut shell. It used to pick-up gold and other precious metals. Type Main Specification Iodine mg/g
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